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Twinning At Pozieres

TWINNING AT POZIERES I must say it was a proud moment for me as I stood beside the Mayor of Pozieres, Bernard Delattre, to witness the signing of the twinning arrangement between Pozieres and the northern Sydney municipality of Ku-ring-gai.... read more

Battle of Poziers Commemorative Church Service.

BATTLE OF POZIERES COMMEMORATIVE CHURCH SERVICE This Sunday, 3rd August, there will be the Battle of Pozieres Commemorative Church Service at St John’s Anglican Church in Gordon. This is a special service to commemorate the tragic loss of... read more

Battle of Mont St Quentin.

I left Paris at 8am, hit the Perhiperque, the Paris ring road and headed north up the A1. A stop in Epernay to visit the Mercier  champagne house then on to our first stop, Mont St Quentin – a very special place in Australian military history.

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That Tiny Incident at Sarajevo.

Sarajevo June 1914.
THAT TINY INCIDENT AT SARAJEVO It’s amazing to think that one hundred years ago today – the 28th June 1914, the heir to the Austrian Hapsburg throne was murdered in a botched and disorganised assassination attempt in this provincial Bosnia... read more

The Swedish Warship Vasa

In the afternoon of the 10th August 1628, the Swedish warship Vasa slipped from her dock and sailed slowly out into Stockholm harbour; the shore lined with thousands of excited sightseers.

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Autographed copies of my book now available on my website

A perfect Christmas gift

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Travel to Anzac Cove, Gallipoli.

Visiting Anzac Cove, Gallipoli.

My journey began in Istanbul and after a five hour bus trip, arrived at the Kum Hotel near Eceabat, the closest accommodation to the battlefields. The party was eager and enthusiastic as none, apart from the tour leader Mat McLachlan, having ever been to Gallipoli before.

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Villers Bretonneux the Dawn Service

Why Villers Bretonneux is so important?

The Australian Memorial in the dawn light.It all goes back to the massive German offensive of March-April 1918.  At the time, the German Army had recently been boosted by 50 Divisions from the Eastern Front with the collapse of Russia and keen to strike before the growing impact of American troops then arriving in Europe. The Germans struck along the British line across a wide front of 64 kilometres (40 miles)between Arras and St Quentin on the 21st March 1918 in an operation code named Michael.

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Return to the Western Front

The Western Front has changed since those violent days

There seems various reasons for this, Anzac Day and indeed remembrance generally, has had a welcome resurgence and interest. Some say it takes five generations to get over a war and perhaps it is just now that interest and commemoration can embrace the terrible loss of the Great War....

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The work of the publisher and the editor

When asked what happens when my manuscript goes to the publisher

To be honest, yes, it is a frustrating and often demoralising time and process, but very necessary and well understood by authors. In my last book, The Boy Colonel published in early August this year (2013), the following change was made.

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