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THE FORGOTTEN: The Chinese Labour Corps and the Chinese Anzacs in the First World War The overlapping history of the Chinese in Australia has always been shrouded in racism, contempt and misunderstanding from the first Chinese immigrant in 1818 through to today.

THE FORGOTTEN tells the story of the forgotten and largely ignored members of the Chinese Labour Corps in the First World War, who worked tirelessly for the British and French armies, but who received little pay, endured severe living conditions and died as a result of starvation, influenza and neglect.

And running parallel, the unknown story of those Chinese Anzac soldiers, men of Chinese-Australian heritage who, despite racism, marginalisation and bigotry, stepped forward to enlist and die for Australia so far from home.

This book, by Dr Will Davies with contributions from Mr Albert Wong AM, shines a light on the substantial contribution of the Chinese people in Australia and is offered in the hope that, by telling their story, we might shed new light on a forgotten and unknown chapter of history, and in the process, remember and celebrate their part in the final victory. 

As such, The Forgotten is a remarkable book published at an important time, extending a hand of friendship both within Australian society and across the waters to China itself.  

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